Electronic Cigarettes Information

Do you have a nicotine habit you can no longer satisfy because of the rampant bans on smoking in public buildings? Are you looking for a way to light up without bothering others? Would you like to smoke in your favorite bar or restaurant? The electronic cigarette can help. Electronic cigarettes are vaporizers powered by a lithium battery, and e cigarette atomizer and e cigarette cartridge. The vaporizer allows you to inhale just the right amount of nicotine and then breathe out only water vapor. The red LED light on the front, the e-cigarette's shape and size, as well as the fake smoke coming from your mouth replicate the smoking experience almost flawlessly. The physical habit is satisfied as well as the nicotine cravings, and all this happens anywhere and anytime you like. The best part is that e-cigarettes have none of the carcinogens of traditional cigarettes.

While there are efforts to ban this product, the public has made itself heard. These products are cheaper and greener than regular cigarettes along with the added benefits of fewer carcinogens and the ability to smoke publicly. For those that have cut there nicotine habit down enough, there are even refill cartridges that carry all the flavor, but have no nicotine in them at all. If you do not like the tobacco flavors available, there is apple, cherry, and coffee flavors. There is even a cartridge for menthol cigarette smokers.

With different strengths, one could even choose to step down their nicotine intake at a steady rate. These little devices give a lot of options to smokers. E Cigarette Starter kits generally run between eighty and a hundred dollars and come with a charger, two batteries, instruction manual, atomizer, and a box of cartridges. One cartridge, depending on brand, will usually last about twenty cigarettes. Refill cartridges are almost ten dollars for a pack of five, which means that after the initial investment, it will be like buying five packs of cigarettes for ten dollars. This option saves smokers a lot of money in an economy when every dollar counts. Think of how much money you could save.

The e-cigarettes choice site even offers a savings calculator where you can enter all your details and learn how much you'll save with e-cigarettes rather than traditional ones. This does not count the savings in gas for cigarette runs. E-cigarettes can be delivered straight to your door, so you never have to worry about running out. That is a huge burden off of smokers.

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